Surf Lessons

Windsurf Beginner course?
In order to learn windsurfing at Theologos it is not necessary to have any prior knowledge. We teach in small scale groups and have optimal training materials – that’s how we make it easy and fun for you! In four days at 2 hours a day our licensed instructors will bring you on the board.

Windsurf Aufsteigerkurs? (Name auf Englisch?)
New challenges wanted! In order to come closer to the dream of floating and strong wind surfing it is necessary at this point to master the basic techniques such as jibes and beach starts on the longboard. In our “Aufsteigerkurse” (ändern) we choose, depending on costumer preference and skills, between 3-4 different techniques. The surf course can be taken on your own equipment or on our rentable material.

Content: Refreshing of the beginner course topics, tack, jibe, beach start, harness sailing, material (equipment) science, safety rules

Windsurf Kids course?
Kids can also learn windsurfing! We offer a special course for Kids (+25kg), where we playfully teach with special Children gear. The large shallow area, together with our professionally trained instructors guarantee a safe environment for parents and kids.

VDWS Windsurf basic license?
The internationally recognized VDWS basic license officially certifies basic windsurf knowledge and grants the right to surf in international waters. In addition, the license simplifies rental of equipment without nuisance discussions about the own surfing abilities. Just as the adults, our younger guests can also complete our course with the VDWS junior certificate, which allows those under the age of 18 to go home with their drivers license.

Windsurfen for advanced levels?
Did you succesfully master all the levels up to now and want to do the next step and surf with smaller board and stronger winds? Then you’re ready for our advanced courses. Our licensed instructors will train with you your favorite maneuver and push you to the next level.

Surfkurs "Basic"

8 Stunden für Anfänger

Unser acht Stunden Kurs ist auf vier Tage aufgeteilt

Hier geht es vom Newcomer auf Brett und ans fahren.

240,00 €

Surf Lessons

Surfkurs "Taste It" 2h
2 Stunden für Anfänger
70,00 € Buchen
Surfkurs "Basic"
8 Stunden für Anfänger
240,00 € Buchen
Surfkurs "Advanced Rider" 3h
3 Stunden für Fortgeschrittene Surfer
100,00 € Buchen
Surfkurs "Advanced Rider" 6h
6 Stunden für Fortgeschrittene Surfer
160,00 € Buchen
Privatunterricht Windsurfen
1 Stunde inklusive Ausrüstung
75,00 € Buchen
1 Stunde
90,00 € Buchen
Surfkurs "Taste It" 1h
1 Stunde Surfkurs 
40,00 € Buchen
Windsurfkurs Basic + 7 Tage Beginnerpool
Windsurfkurs Basic + 7 Tage Beginnerpool
390,00 € Buchen
Windsurfkurs advance 3h + 7 Tage Surf rental
Windsurfkurs advance 3h + 7 Tage Surf rental
340,00 € Buchen
Windsurfkurs advance 6h + 7 Tage Surf rental
Windsurfkurs advance 6h + 7 Tage Surf rental
400,00 € Buchen
Windsurfkurs advance 3h + 14 Tage Surf rental
Windsurfkurs advance 3h + 14 Tage Surf rental
460,00 € Buchen
Windsurfkurs advance 6h + 14 Tage Surf rental
Windsurfkurs advance 6h + 14 Tage Surf rental
500,00 € Buchen
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