Kite Lessons

Learn how to kitesurf
For an easy and safe start into kitesurfing we offer you a beginner course, where you’ll learn all the basic techniques and get a VDWS kite license. Our training gear is all brand new and you’ll therefore get introduced to the newest kitesurf material and safety system.

Kitesurf beginner course:
In this course we teach you step by step the basic techniques of kitesurfing. The goal of this course is to enable you to safely continue practicing on your own. In order to guarantee an optimum learning progress and safety our course is taught in very small groups with max. 3 participants per instructor – and of course in your language.

1.  Firstly it is vital to learn the basics:

  • basic knowledge regarding wind, shore, and weather conditions
  • Assembly and dismantling of kite, bar, leashes
  • starting and landing of the kite
  • safety when windsurfing: conduct on shore and off shore

2. After that – let’s quickly get into the water:

  • kite control
  • water start of the kite
  • Bodydrag on different routes and courses
  • right-of-way rules on the water
  • methods for self-rescue  

3. And – depending on talent – lets get on the kite board:

  • correct stand and orientation of body and board
  • Pushing the board when planning
  • water start - the first meters on the kite board
  • tips & tricks for independent practising  

In our kite surf courses we mostly integrate the theory into the practice sessions, as we believe that optimal progress is only guaranteed through active training with the kite.

Kite lessons – our equipment
We teach with 4-leached core material. We have a big assortment of brand new equipment available.

VDWS Kitesurf certificate
After you’ve taken our kitesurf courses you have the opportunity to make the VDWS kitesurf certificate at out kitesurf school. With this certificated you are able to rent kitesurf material all over the world. Furthermore, in the event of an accident or damage claim you can officially proof that you’ve got profound kitesurfing knowledge and training.

Kite Course "Basic"

8 hrs for beginners


Our 8 hour course is divided into 3 parts (days). First day we start with 4 hrs. Second and third day with 2 hrs.

Here you start as a Newcomer. After the 8 hours you will be able to get on the board and make your first meters on the water.

350,00 €

Kite Lessons

Kite Course "Taste It"
3 hrs lessons for beginners 
180,00 € Book
Kite Course "First Steps"
2 x 3hrs for beginners
from 260,00 € Book
Kite Course "Basic"
8 hrs for beginners
from 350,00 € Book
Kite Course "Advanced Rider 3h"
3 hrs for advanced kiters
from 200,00 € Book
Kite Course "Advanced Rider 6h"
2 x 3 hrs for advanced riders
from 280,00 € Book
Private lesson Kitesurf
1 hour private lesson including kite equipment
from 85,00 € Book
Private lesson Kitesurf (own equipment)
1 hour private lesson with your own kite equipment
from 65,00 € Book
Kitekurs "Basics" + 7 Tage Kitemiete
8 Stunden für Anfänger + 7 Tage Kitemiete 
590,00 € Book
Kitekurs "Basics" + 14 Tage Kitemiete
8 Stunden für Anfänger + 14 Tage Kitemiete 
700,00 € Book
Kitekurs "Advanced Rider" 4h + 7 Tage Kitemiete
Kitekurs +#39;Advanced Rider+#39; 4h + 7 Tage Kitemiete
475,00 € Book
Kitekurs "Advanced Rider" 4h + 14 Tage Kitemiete
Kitekurs +#39;Advanced Rider+#39; 4h + 14 Tage Kitemiete
570,00 € Book
Kitekurs "get used to our Spot" 2h + 7 Tage Kitemiete
Kitekurs "get used to our Spot" 2h + 7 Tage Kitemiete
420,00 € Book
Kitefoil-Kurs (privat)
1 Stunde Kite-Foil-Kurs (Walkie-Talkie) inklusive Ausrüstung
from 90,00 € Book
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